What is Springfield Leaks?

SpringfieldLeaks is a secure platform to anonymously report cases of bribery in Springfield. If you have information, data and / or evidence of people in public positions that participate in these bad practices, report here .

What cases can I report?
You can report cases of bribery. Which is the Action to offer, promise or intentionally deliver an undue payment or benefit to a public official, with the purpose of making or omitting the performance of a certain official action.

How to know if my case is bribery?
(a) At least one public official must be involved. (b) An individual (person, company, institution, party, etc.) that influences the official must be involved, through promises, threats, compensations, money, etc. (c) The money or gift received by the public official must be relevant to his level of income.

What information should I have to report?
Description of the case: Who are the people involved, what was the fault committed and any other information that serves to contextualize the complaint.

Evidence: Evidence that helps verify that the report is true. They can be photographs, videos, screenshots, spreadsheets, tickets, accounting records, etc.

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