Concerned Sangamon County Employees Speak out

Springfield Leaks was tipped off to letters that have been going around by some Concerned Sangamon County Employees.  The most recent one that was sent to Springfield Leaks says the following:

Well well well… WE are thankful to see some of the news media catching on to the behind closed door illegal meetings.. behind closed door decision making.. and other underhanded, skirt the law, decision undertaken by Andy and his minions.  Stay tuned folds, there is more to come.

But let’s not think we are all about the negatives!!  We would like to give a big gold start to Paul Palazzolo who has started showing up for work lately (so we understand from those in a position to know) .. Good going Paul!!!  NOW, if Joe Aiello would do the same, and start showing up for work and MAYBE even putting in a full days work in his office.. now THAT would be an accomplishment.

And another gold start to the employees of the Circuit clerks office who have decided enough is enough and are going union!!!  And the way Andy is running things (or ruining things) there are more county offices to follow.

This is great! Under Andy’s leadership he has quietly raised our taxes… spent more money than any other county board chairman.. held illegal meetings.. instituted a “no transparency” stonewall – excuse type of management..(BS’d the news media).. sent county employees to AFSCME for cover… and kept Frank Squires as head of the SMTD!!  Wow!  What a legacy!!  (Sounds like the Obama Administration doesn’t it?)

Seriously, how embarrassing to be a county board member and think you stood by and voted for all this stuff and, just like a sheep, followed Andy off the cliff.  You all better wake up!!

Oh!  One more gold star to Acting Sheriff Jack Campbell!! ..oh that’s right.. he’s the Undersheriff!! (And Andy’s hand picked candidate)… for revealing to ALL that elected county officials receive a $6,500 stipend!! You’ve got to be kidding me!! .. and he would NOT accept it if Sheriff..  OK now the rest of you elected County Officials pony up and give back the $6,500 of our taxpayers money!!  Who will be the first!?!  Thanks Jack for bringing this to light, something very very few people were aware of.

Our last Gold Star goes to the lone County Board member that dared to speak the truth about what’s happening with the County Board and Andy’s way of doing things.  Just pass the budget and find out later what’s in it.  He outlined government done in secret… not what the folks who found this country had in mind AT ALL.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to that county board member who had the courage to speak up.

Speaking of extra money for doing nothing..  Tom Cavanaugh gets an extra 12 grand stipend from the township.. and another $6,500 stipend… just how many stipends do you get Tom?  Thats $18,500 on top of his already large salary of $92,332.50 for a grand total of $110,832.50!!!  Wow!.. and his buddy Joe Aileo gets the same thing!!  Big salary plus $6,500 plus $12,00 from the township.. plus a free truck and who knows what else.  These are some of the highest paid fold in the county.  What we’re getting at here, is that if these folks worked a full day (they don’t) or they worked weekends or “overtime” (they don’t).. or were doing heart surgery.. then “maybe”.. but they don’t.

What justifies that pay scale?  Especially when you look at ALL the other counties in the state and we are the ONLY one that does this!!!  Not only that, but all these folks who are double dipping get a financial boost in their retirement.. ALL at taxpayers expense.  We really wonder if the township board members or even you county board members really know how many of your employees are double dipping!!

Some Examples:

Karen Ann Cosbey makes $30,888 from the county.. BUT not really.. her REAL salary is $57,604.  She gets $27,007.50 from the township.  That the equivalent of two full time jobs.. poor Karen, working 80 hours a week!!  (considering how small the Treasure’s office is.. that’s “thru the roof” money compared to other county employees)

Donna Chase makes $31,434 from the county.  You would think thats her annual take home for her full time job.. but wait!!  She gets an additional $32,604 from the township (more than whats she makes for the county!?!?) for a grand total of.. $64,038!!  Wow, dedicated employee working two full time jobs.. her and Karen putting in those 80 hours weeks.  How do they do it??

Then there is Mark Crawford.  County Salary $64,155.00.  naan. its really $93,912.00!!!  When you include his township salary of $29,757.  But he’s a CPA!!  What DO government CPA’s make? Check it out and you’ll find they make far less than that.

And there is Joe’s “assistant” Julie Pittman who get $43,563 from the county and more than $41,000 from the township.. she must be really really tired working those two full time jobs!!

And there is Stacey Kern, who makes $90,000 plus.. and there’s Irv Smith Jr.. who makes $55,000 from the county and $24,000 from the township.. thats $79,000!! They never show up for work either!  They probably will now that this is out…

One last thing for our county board member to think about

“…conformity is the jailer of freedom, and the enemy of growth.”  John F. Kennedy 1962.


Concerned County Employees

-Springfield Leaks believes that these letter raise valid concerns and something to most definitely inform County citizens about.  This letter does not express the complete/all views of Springfield Leaks, but merely to inform our readers of its existence.



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