Calvin Christian pulled over according to Twitter

According to a twitter post, Calvin Christian has been pulled over.  In the tweet it does not give a reason for the pull over.  Christian goes on to say that he has been pulled over 10 times by that specific officer within the last 12 months. Christian wasn’t driving, according to his status.



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18 Responses to Calvin Christian pulled over according to Twitter

  1. Anonymous

    Here’s an idea Calvin, DON’T DRIVE and you won’t get pulled over. Springfield Police have a lot more things to do rather than pulling you over all of the time.

  2. U R my Bitch

    Get a fucking license!

  3. Anonymous

    what a fucking idiot

  4. Fed up with this

    I am the only one that thinks he is doing this for attention? This is getting really old same song same dance. Quit wasting our tax dollars so u can b in the news

    • Anonymous

      No you are not the only one. Funny isn’t it that he says he is not a part of Springfield leaks yet he is the only one they comment on? Anybody except his syncophants in the media and the 4 people that read this as their news source and not the comedic effect.

  5. Anonymous

    He said he wasn’t driving.

  6. Anonymous

    Was the first tweet “Spd is on me” sent while he was driving?

  7. Anonymous

    Good for you Calvin,as long as your driving around like the towns ediot,i know our police force is on the job, perhaps the S.J.R will start a new colum to go with the (springfields most wanted) they can call it Springfields most stupid.

  8. Anonymous

    Truly sad. Your 15 minutes of fame are almost up

  9. Anonymous

    Calvin, I am not sure you will read this but could it be that you are just taunting the police to get attention? As I understand it you do not have a license and yet continue to drive. Don’t try to make a racial thing out of this, if you continue to drive or do anything illegal you will get ticketed regardless if you are black, white or pink. Wise up and start obeying the LAW. You will be a much better example for your race.

  10. CalvinistheLeak

    Agreed! Ask and you shall receive Calvin. Glad to see you weren’t driving this time, but I’m sure you will be soon. I hope that same officer gets you then too! Anyone else find it ironic that Calvin tweets and Springfield leaks posts almost simultaneously? Interesting isn’t it? Calvin, are you Springfield Leaks? C’mon now, you can say iiiiiittttttt.

  11. Anonymous

    How is that police car “on” you when it’s in a different lane? Do you take any medications for your paranoid condition?

  12. Anonymous

    He issue of crack and hopes u will line him some ….. Or he loves dwb arrests

  13. Dan Shields

    I sure hope this doesn’t cost the tax payers another law suite,

  14. Anonymous

    Is this just a way to get his twitter handle out? Bet he received more followers. Hes supposed to be for the people but I would like to know what he is doing with the money from the lawsuit.

  15. Anonymous

    Hey ‘leaks (Calvin), it’s a traffic stop not a “pull over” and every time I have ever been stopped I have been told exactly why I’ve been stopped.

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