Former District 186 Human Resources Director, who resigned after hiring irregularities discovered, faces home foreclosure

The Former Springfield School District’s human resources director, Alexander Ikejiaku, is currently facing foreclosure on his Springfield, Illinois home.  According to Town and Country Bank, Mr. Ikejiaku and his wife, Peace Ikejiaku, currently owe $227,314.31 on their Springfield, Illinois Home.

Mr. Ikejiaku’s resignation was submitted soon after irregularities were discovered in hiring procedures for the School District in at least two instances.  One instance involved the hiring of, Jennifer Tyree, a former teacher at Lanphier High School who is currently accused of having sexual relationships with two students.  One of the Student’s brought a suit against the School District and named Mr. Ikejiaku personally in that suit.

The School District eventually settled that suit for $100,000, which was paid for by the Springfield School District Insurance Company and released Mr. Ikejiaku personally from liability.  Tyree is currently out on bail, and is due back in court on February 24th, 2014.

Mr. Ikejiaku moved to Springfield, Illinois in 2007 from Rochester, New York.  Mr. Ikejiaku was paid $129,395 annually by Springfield School District 186 at the time of his resignation.


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21 Responses to Former District 186 Human Resources Director, who resigned after hiring irregularities discovered, faces home foreclosure

  1. citizen

    How did this crook get hired in the first place? did he move to springfield before or after being hired?he must have some great qualifications or connections.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes…news worthy.

  3. Montgomeryco

    I guess this is why he is having a book signing at Barnes & Noble. He needs cash.

    • Anonymous

      utter hogwash, read for yourself “”

      These incompetent ‘doctors’ are all the same. When they can’t find a job they go off and write some stupid book about all the irrelevant mumbo jumbo edubacation courses they took. What a joke. Imagine he discovered that the members of a school board have an effect on a school district. Utterly Brilliant Doctor.

      do your research and you will also find he has walked away from property in another state.

  4. anonymous

    I wonder how many copies of the book have sold. LOL

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